Serve With Us

We here at In the Midst Honduras want you to join us on the mission field. We want you to plant your own feet in the same soil that we trod on a daily basis. We want you to wake up to the smell of Café Oro (the coffee of Honduras), and feel the sweat on your brow after a day well done. We want you to see the smiles on the face of a child after you hand them a bowl of soup and hear the thanks from the lips of a single mother when you deliver her family a week’s worth of groceries in a plastic sack. We want you to feel the unexplainable delight in realizing that love needs no translation.

Why? Because we truly and deeply believe that once you experience the thrill of giving of your time, your talents, your all– you will never be the same. Yes, your trip will make a difference in many Hondurans—some for an eternity—but, we also have no doubt that your trip will make a difference in YOU!

On the mission field, there is something for each one of us to do. What are your talents and passions? Whether it be evangelism, construction, bracelet making, or fingernail painting, we promise that we can find a place for you to serve.

Make plans today to be obedient to the Lord’s command to “Go ye therefore…”

Hasta Pronto! See you soon.