What We Do

Matthew 18:20

In the Midst Ministries Honduras was established with the goal of evangelizing and discipling the people of Honduras by living life in the midst of them. We seek to build firm, lasting relationships by being present and demonstrating the love of the Father from the most extraordinary to the most mundane moments of everyday life that we all face. While we can’t be everywhere at all times, our prayer is that we will always be a living example of the ever-present love of the Lord in our lives.

How we work:

  • Church services
  • Discipleship classes
  • Leadership classes
  • 1:1 Evangelism
  • Food Distribution
  • Children’s Feeding Kitchen
  • Group Hosting
  • Vacation Bible Schools
  • Community Involvement Meetings
  • Pharmaceutical Distribution
  • Medical Aid
  • Emergency Transportation
  • Educational Support